The Best of NYFW, According to Me

New York Fashion Week is the one week of the year where people who work in the fashion industry don’t need a calendar reminder to know what day of the week it is. Since technology has advanced increasingly in the past couple years, we are now able to watch any show want, whenever we want. For example, I watched the entirety of the Tory Burch show, and I can still watch it on YouTube whenever I so desire. Many thanks to YouTube for the hours I’ve spent drooling over those fresh flowers on the ground and the beautiful string music that accompanied it.

First, let’s talk about Marc Jacobs. That man certainly transport his audience to another world. There seemed to be a heavy concentration on conservatism in his show, seeing as most of the women barely showed any skin, and most of their eyes were unable to be seen because of their humungous hats or elaborate hairstyles. There were oversized shapes and big, heavy fabrics, which added to the conformist theme that he seemed to be going for. I also loved seeing the space in which the show took place and how they make use of lighting and music in attempt to add to the tone of the show. In the Marc Jacob’s show, there was a dark indigo lighting with spotlights, as well as some very intense string music, which just added to the already uncomfortable sensation of me being physically attacked by Marc Jacob’s designs. (I mean, seriously, did you see those hats?)


Next up is Adeam’s Ready-to-Wear collection. This show really stood out to me specifically because of the color palette. It was mainly comprised of grey, mustard yellows, beiges, and blacks, which was quite different from most of the unabashedly colorful pieces that a majority shows displayed. There were lots of long lines displayed, as well as some gorgeous long coats overtop of those long lined dresses and skirts. It was a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing show, and truthfully Adeam never fails to disappoint me with the gorgeous simplicity that their team brings to the table during fashion week.


Lastly, Rosie Assoulin’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. Her collection consisted of lots of bright colors that instantly exuded happiness into the room. She pulled the audience up out of their cold, miserable slumps and transported them to a world of glittery rainbows and sunshine. However, despite all of the rainbow happiness, there were no flashy gimmicks to lure you into her presentation. Everything was purely about her beautiful clothes. Sure, she had a table of color-changing tea and a crepe station, but that absolutely didn’t distract from the beautiful patterns and silhouettes of her designs.


I am certainly not discounting the other shows of the week. Every show is fabulous in it’s own way, and there is no right or wrong way to put on a show, seeing as the realm of possibilities for fashion week is endless. Milan Fashion Week is currently going on, and Gucci just did a show where a model carried a baby dragon down the runway. If that doesn’t prove the colossal expansion in the creativity of fashion week over the years then I don’t know what does. I’m already excited to see the Spring/ Summer 2019 shows that will debut in the fall because I know designers will be pushing the limits even further than they have before.

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