Gucci Models Carried Their Heads Down the Runway and It Doesn’t Stop There

This past week, Gucci took Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song “Heads Will Roll” to a whole new level: some of their models walked down the runway with wax figures of their heads in their clutch, and wait until you see the other oddities that were in this show. Anyway, back to the severed heads. The fake heads were a just a tad haunting. However, they caught your attention and made you think, which was certainly the goal of the creative team.


The craziness didn’t stop there. Models were also seen carrying snakes, iguanas and baby dragons (neither of which were real), as well as another model displaying a third eye on her forehead. Some models were also adorned with an overlay that could only be described as a garment bag over their clothes. Other models, including Maya Gunn, were given a unibrow. On purpose. Many websites have reviewed these models as not merely models, but “cyborgs,” due to the fact that Michele titled the show “Cyborg.” The whole show took place in a space that was set to look like a surgical room, which again, only adds to the strangeness of creative director Alessandro Michele’s vision.

The looks in this show were varied in terms of wearability. Certain outfits were certainly wearable for day-today looks. Other ensembles could only be described as “space-robot chic.” The fabrics and the mixing of patterns in this show was absolutely phenomenal, and his use of jewels as headwear was definitely a stand-out element of the show.


Alessandro Michele is the current head designer at Gucci, and he wanted to make a statement with his show. He clearly succeeded, considering all of the mayhem that is still surrounding this show on social media. Hypebeast described this show as a “fantastical nightmare”, while Alessandro said that the show was meant to “nourish their mind(s) deeply.” He also said that he chose the setting of an operating theatre because he is the surgeon of this show… “cutting, assembling, experimenting on the operating table.” Shows like this stand alone in the fashion universe; they set standards and they pave the way for future designers. It existed in its own realm of creativity, but a realm that cannot be defined by any one word. It was neither contemporary nor timeless, and the show was one of mastery and strange fulfillment. Throughout the show, the thoughts I had were “wtf”, followed by an “oh shit I didn’t think this could get any weirder” followed by an “omg I am living for this.” Relatable? As Milan Fashion Week dwindles down to a close, I only hope that we see more shows that set a creative bar, just as this one did.

All Photos Courtesy of Vogue

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