4 Tips to Help You Save Money in College


1. Stop buying expensive drinks and snacks outside of school.

I’m being a little bit of a hypocrite by saying this, but really, since I’ve tried to cut down on the Starbucks and other expensive, unnecessary foods, I’ve saved a pretty decent amount of money. The money that I’ve saved from cutting out unnecessary food expenses has allowed me to save for things that I actually want/ need.


2. Try the envelope method. 

This method is great for people who have little self control when it comes to spending. Basically what you do is you divide however many envelopes so they can be used for different categories (food, shopping, travel expenses, etc.). Then, in each envelope, you put a certain amount of money at the beginning of each month. So, if you put $50 in the food envelope, that’s all of the money that you have to spend on food for this month. This method teaches you how to make wiser purchases rather than randomly spending your money on things you don’t need.


3. Get a job on or off campus (if you can.)

Now I know this isn’t a viable option for everyone, but if you can manage to get a job, it’ll certainly be worth your while. Even working 10 hours a week is better than none at all, and you’ll thank yourself for working every time you get a paycheck. Having a steady income relieves a lot of stress, and it gives you another ting to add to your resume, which is always a bonus.


4. Use. Student. Discounts. 

Student discounts are there for a reason! You can find student discounts for a variety of different things, and there are so many websites, stores, and services that will give you access to these discounts. One of my favorite websites is Unidays. This website allows you to make an account using your school email address, and then once you’ve logged in, you automatically are given access to amazing discounts for clothing stores, various restaurants, and more. I use this website all the time. Besides Unidays, streaming services like Spotify and Hulu have great student discounts as well (50% off your membership when you sign up with your student email!) You can even get discounts at certain museums and movie theaters.


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