Glossier’s “Solution”: An Extensive Review

Four weeks ago, my skin was going through some major hell. I was searching all over the internet for a product that would have lasting effects on my skin, and I kept coming across Glossier’s new acne-fighting product, Solution. I’d seen beauty bloggers do reviews about Solution, and a majority of them were good, and I found that most of the reviews on the website were good, so I thought I’d try it out.

This is what the purpose of Solution is, according to Glossier’s website: “[Solution] gently sloughs dead cells away through chemical exfoliation, ungluing the problematic dead cells hiding and clogging healthy skin beneath. With daily use, expect cleared acne and blackheads, smaller pores, and reduced redness. Skin’s texture will be smoother and softer, and the fabled glow of balanced, healthy skin will be in full force.”

Glossier claims that this product starts to work in full force after four weeks of daily use. Well, it has officially been exactly four weeks since I started using solution, so here’s my review.

After the first week, I didn’t see many results and I was a little disappointed. I began breaking out more than usual, and all of these little bumps began to surface. I hoped that it was just my pores trying to dig out all of the dirt and bacteria that was in them. I did notice that my skin looked a bit more radiant, however.

Second week was somewhat similar to the first. I was still breaking out, but not as much as the first week. The pimples began to slowly go away, and I did notice that my pores were getting smaller and I had less blackheads on my nose. Also, my skin was glowy AF.

The third week, I was having less breakouts. I had a couple small pimples here and there but no cystic acne. Besides the minor acne, I was noticing some awesome improvements. My blackheads had decreased a lot, my pores were noticeably smaller, my skin looked brighter and super glowy.

Now that the fourth week has taken its course, I definitely can tell a difference from when I first began using this product a month ago. My skin is bright, even toned, and glowy. Additionally, my pores have really gone down. The only thing I would say is that, while I haven’t had too many breakouts, I’m not really sure if it made a huge difference in terms of reducing acne.

I’ve read some reviews that say you have to give the product a couple more weeks to really see a big difference in acne reduction, so I’m going to keep using it.

*fast forward four more weeks*

A month has passed without me using Solution, and I can truly say that the only difference I noticed in my skin was that some of my blackheads came back after not using it for a while. In terms of acne, I don’t really think Solution helped, but I would say that it improved my skin’s textured and reduced the size of my pores. I have to note, though, for what it did for me in terms of skin texture and pore reduction, I would repurchase it. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I would repurchase it for the acne-fighting benefits it claims to have.

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