About me.

I’m Madeline, and I’m a journalism student at Hofstra University with a minor in Fine Arts.

Here’s my resume.

I’m an experienced student journalist with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. I have taken many courses that have expanded my knowledge of journalism and media studies, and I have extensive knowledge of the Adobe Suite, Google Suite, and other media software. 

I have interned at various media companies as well. I served as a Social Media intern at AVC Media Group, a successful, Philadelphia-based advertising agency. I also interned in the Editorial Department at PureWow, a prominent lifestyle publication based out of New York City, and served as an Editorial Intern at DoctorOz.com, where I frequently wrote articles and built SEO content. I also served as an Editorial Intern at TODAY.com, the digital site for the TODAY Show at NBCUniversal, where frequently wrote quick pieces, as well as long-form pieces that required extensive research and interviews. Currently, I am finishing up my internship with Long Island Bride and Groom magazine, and I am about to graduate from Hofstra. (AKA, I’m looking for a job.)

My editorial skills are varied and extensive, including (but not limited to) knowledge of SEO best practices, conducting interviews, writing social media copy, sharp understanding of AP style, etc.

Check out links to my writing samples on my homepage, and check out my social media platforms, listed below.




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